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Walker 911 for the IT support you need

Sometimes it just piles up! Whether you’re looking for special expertise, project support, emergency MIA/vacation coverage or just some extra support to help reach that looming deadline. Walker can help return some sanity to your day. So before you jump… Call Walker and breathe!

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Walker911 for the expertise you need

Expertise makes the difference between thrilling accomplishment and painful landings.  Technology changes too quickly for you to know everything you’ll need ahead of time.  But when you find your team needs new skills quickly, call Walker.

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Walker911 for zero downtime

You’re making big moves. Preparation and backup prevent costly mistakes and Walker can help you with both. Call Walker at (800) 701-7638 and find the courage, coverage and contingency plans you need.

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Walker911 for M & A technology support

Managing technology is less complicated than managing people; still, it’s no simple matter to merge the technologies of two different organizations. Walker can help with analysis, planning and supporting the technology side of your merger.  Call Walker to make sure that your objectives and deadlines are met while business continues uninterrupted.

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Walker911 to make your vision a reality

The devil is in the details. Walker can help provide extra arms, legs and brains to get the job done. With expertise in the technology you need to pull it all together, Walker can help at every stage from planning to implementation. Call Walker for the confidence to dream big!

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Walker911 for IT compliance and readiness

Compliance issues come in many forms and they all make for heavy lifting. PCI, HIPAA and other regulations affect insurance costs and, ultimately, your reputation. Walker can help with gap analysis, audit preparation and remediation so you’re not alone. Call Walker when you are looking for more compliance management muscle.

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Walker911 for IT project support

Projects big or small take time and talent and Walker can give you both.  Whether you’re looking for niche expertise or backup support for the day-to-day while you focus on the new initiative, Walker gives you ultimate flexibility in staffing your next project.  Walker can help at every stage, from planning to implementation, documentation and training.  Partner with Walker and go bold!

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Walker911 for Technology Planning

Whether you’re looking for a detailed roadmap or a general compass heading, Walker can help set you on the right course.  With specialists in storage, infrastructure, security, digital marketing, managed services and expertise in your industry, we can help you put together a Technology Plan that takes you from here, into the future you want.

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Walker911 to light the way

Sometimes the way forward isn’t clear, particularly when you’re talking technology. Walker can help you evaluate the lay of the land and light the way forward. Whether you’ve found yourself in a dark place by surprise, or you’re headed into uncharted territory, Walker can help shine a light on what’s ahead and help navigate the obstacles and opportunities.

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Walker911 for the support you need

Getting from here to there is often a tightrope dance with scarce resources, multiple deadlines and ever-changing technology. Walker can provide you with the expertise you need, when you need it to help you navigate from here to there. Partner with Walker for a balanced approach.

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Walker911 for the IT juice you need

Technology management isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon and it’s tough to keep projects on target when resources are running low. Walker can provide you with the expertise you need, when you need it, to meet those project deadlines. Let Walker help you over the finish line.

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Walker911 to avoid technology speed bumps

When you’re racing forward, full speed, the last thing you want is to be sidelined by an unintended hazard. As part of your proactive technical crew, we’ll help make sure you can focus on the road ahead with confidence. Call Walker and drive it home!

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Walker911 for a little more muscle

Like any finely-tuned skill, technology management is a combination of grace and strength. When you’re out there looking for a little more muscle to make the magic happen, we can help. Call Walker and we’ll help you dazzle them!

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Walker911 to keep it shining bright!

Your online presence is your brand, your voice, your opportunity to make a great first impression. It needs constant attention to keep it shining, capturing eyes and attention and driving the results you're looking to achieve. The Walker Group's digital marketing team can help you polish your presence and keep it glowing. Call Walker for your managed digital presence.

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Walker911 to take IT off your plate

It's hard to get into the zone, to be as effective and strategic as you want to be when IT issues keep interrupting your day. With Walker as your partner, you'll get hours back into your day and a little more zen into your life. With fully managed services, our team of experts become your team - at a fixed monthly cost.

Walker can handle everything from on-call help desk support to technology planning and budgeting and all the incidental projects you want to offload. You get to rest a little easier knowing your systems are managed for maximum performance, efficiency and security.

If you're looking for a little more time and a little less stress when it comes to IT, let's talk!

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If you’re in full-on crisis mode, call us now at 800.701.7638. Let us know that you’re new to Walker and that you have an emergency situation. We’ll get someone right on it.

If something big is coming your way but you’re not in meltdown mode yet, then fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We created Walker911 to get you the help you need when you need it. Thanks for checking in – we look forward to taking the next step with you.

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